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Week 47. Have fun, be witty and laugh often. "Just a minute" the popular radio 4 panel game is celebrating its 50th birthday this month...Paul Merton a regular competitor was asked if he could ever imagine the BBC replacing Nicholas Parsons the programmes 94 year old host with someone younger....Merton quick as a flash quipped "Well... he could hardly be replaced by someone older".... Getting later life planning sorted helps you achieve peace of mind and therefor quip, smile and laugh through every day..
Cold calling over pensions should be barred to prevent people approaching retirement from being cheated, MPs have said. More people are becoming victims of fraud after pension reforms allowed savers early access to their pots, according to the work and pensions select committee. It wants ministers to make people take advice or opt out explicitly before they can touch their money.
Frank Field, the committee chairman, said: “Every day that passes without a ban, people are being avoidably conned out of their life savings.”
The MPs said that a ban could be in force by the summer if ministers added it to a bill that is going through parliament. Pension frauds range from stealing money to selling high risk and unregulated investments, such as overseas property developments, forestry and film schemes.
Mr Field said that pensions offered “rich pickings for scammers offering fantastical returns or seemingly clever advice”. He added: “The strongest weapon in the armoury against this is good advice and guidance.”.
If can't beat em .... join em !
It's not just teenagers it's us parents and grandparents who are sharing selfies !
Older people are embracing social technology....only 1 in 10 aged 55-64 had a smartphone back in 2010 now it's 6 in 10...
Older people are turning to social media in greater numbers with 4 in 10 having a Facebook presence.
Week 50. ‘Paw bearer helps families cope with funeral
A beagle named Basil is Britain’s first funeral therapy dog, comforting families when they visit an undertaker after the death of a loved one.
The seven-year-old dog plays with children and gives adults “something else to focus on” as they make arrangements at Clive Pugh Funeral Directors in Shrewsbury.
Rosalinda Pugh, who runs the business with her husband, Clive, said: “Beagles are such loving, caring dogs . . . Basil puts everyone at ease. His instinct is to comfort. When families are sitting here, arranging a funeral, their minds tend to be all over the place.
"Spoke to a very friendly advisor, who was pleasant, informative, willing to listen and knew her stuff. She made everything simple and easy. Best of all she was able to save me a lot of money compared to going direct to the provider. So all round – great service!"
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